About Us

Ethically Mined

Throughout the 1980's and 90's our family lovingly mined the Sapphires you see on our page today.  We take pride in knowing where our Sapphires come from and we are excited to continue the family legacy.


Why Montana Sapphires?

Did you know some of the world's highest quality and most sought after Sapphires come from Montana?  From rich blues to even pink or orange, they have some of the greatest color variety to choose from.  Their durability matches their beauty allowing them to be worn every day without concern.


We treat you like Family

Meet Keryna.  When you are looking for something special for your loved one (or yourself) you deal directly with me. I can hand craft jewelry, set stones, or help you find the perfect piece. 

My parents were both miners and jewelers back in the day so i grew up mining (aka eating dirt and gems) and going to jewelry shows around the country. Sadly our family business shut down after my fathers passing in early 2000s. After i graduated from school with my B.S in Psychology i married my best friend and found the first job i could find- behind a desk. I quickly realized this was not something that made me happy or something i could do long term. I played around and started making wire wrapped jewelry in our one bedroom apartment and quickly realized that i loved working with my hands and being creative!

One day I reached out to my mother to see if she still had some of our old jewelry equipment and supplies, and to my excitement- she did! She still had a vast collection of our family mined rough and faceted Montana Sapphires, as well as a large collection of other rough and faceted gemstones! My husband and i took our savings and bought everything from my mother so that i could start my own jewelry making journey. For years I continued to use the profits from my new business to help support my mother and two nieces that she was raising. This business has been a wonderful blessing to both myself and my family.

I have now been making jewelry for about 8 years, I am mostly self-taught though i have taken a number of classes from local clubs and creative centers. Everything you see on my site today is the result of years of countless failures and tremendous trial and error. Today i am proud of how far i have come and take great pride in everything i make. I appreciate everyones support in helping me make my dream a reality and keeping not only my business going but my family Legacy.

Meet Carl. Carl is the IT man/ Emotional Support/ Sounding Board for the business. The greatest thing about him is that he works for $0/hr. hehe 

In reality its because of Carls hard work and dedication to our family that i have been able to chase this dream of mine. Carl has worked hard to pay the bills and support the business whenever things get rough. Carl has been a one man IT team since the beginning. He made our first app to keep track of inventory as well as built us our first website for the business. He is constantly thinking of ways to help me stay organized and streamline my processes. He is also the Muscle- you will see him at every show i do, setting up my booth and doing all of the heavy lifting.